Is Erdogan’s real aim to remove Eroglu from the equation?

According to information from Ankara it appears that the real aim of Erdogan’s real aim is to remove the Eroglu leadership of Turkish Cypriots by leading them into early elections.

Analysis by Turkish journalists state that Tayyip Erdogan considers Dervis Eroglu an obstacle to Turkey’s European course, as the Europeans describe as hardcore and uncompromising in comparison to the former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat, in efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem. Hence Mr. Erdogan is estimated that he created the situation by imposing package of economic measures to Northern Cyprus in order to make Turkish Cypriots revolt and to turn against their leadership causing a political crisis which would lead into early elections. It is important to note that Mehmet Ali Talat took initiative to meet with the Turkish Prime Minister in order to give explanations about the protests in Cyprus.