Off-duty policeman stabbed before the Omonia – APOEL game yesterday

An off-duty policeman, in civilian clothes, was stabbed before the football match between Omonia and APOEL at GSP-Nicosia merely because he was wearing scarves with the colours of the opposing team. According to the spokesperson of the police the victim was in a car that was caught in traffic on the Latsia bridge while driving towards Latsia. Passing by APOEL “fans” noticed that the occupants of the car were wearing Omonia colours. They stopped the car, broke its driver’s window while a second fan, opened the passenger door, pulled out a 20cm knife and stabbed the policeman on his left arm who fell out of the car covered in blood. The fans of APOEL who were wearing hoods, fled the scene without anyone being able to identify them. The spokesman invited anyone who has any information related to the incident to contact the police anonymously. The police did not immediately disclose the incident in order to avoid provoking any further incidents.