Draconian security measures in the occupied areas

According to news.in.gr, Northern Cyprus was yesterday under a ‘terrorism climate’ for the visit of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and his delegation which included Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu and Chief Negotiator for the EU Egemen Bagis. The delegation was followed by 2000 guards whose orders were to suppress any signs of protests against him. Nevertheless, some incidents between the ‘police’ and Turkish Cypriots were reported, when a group of Turkish Cypriots was protesting against the Turkish Prime Minister for his earlier provocative statements against them. 12 people were injured and according to the newspaper Yeni Duzen 6 were arrested. The Turkish Cypriot administration issued warrants conferring the right to the ‘police’ to search everywhere for banners with slogans against the prime minister and also to confiscate cameras which might have recorded scenes of protest against Tayyip Erdogan.