Erdogan’s visit was not as peaceful as the Turkish media wants us to believe (VIDEOS)

The following videos were taken by Turkish Cypriots during Turkish Prime Minister’s Tayyip Erdogan visit in northern Cyprus. As it can be seen violence was used by the ‘police’ to suppress the peaceful protesters against Turkey and its measures on Cyprus.

The following text was posted with the first video:

Union and organization members who gathered to protest the Turkish Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan’s visit to Cyprus were put face to face with police barricades as well as anti-riot forces. Disturbed by the protest banner hanging in KTAMS (Cyprus Turkish Civil Servants Trade Union), the police issued an immediate search warrant. During the search, there was constant commotion and assault by the police, who seized all banners and posters that would be used in the protests and arrested 2 people. During the evening hours, despite the peaceful nature of the demonstration, police units have raided the former Cyprus Turkish Airways workers’ protest tent and used brute force indifferent of gender and age against the crowd chanting slogans. 6 of the protesters have been taken into custody, whereas 6 more and a member of the police force have been hospitalized.

As expected, the events are being reported by many newspapers and television channels only after heavy filtering and self-cencorship…