Turkey attempts to receive US support against Cypriot gas drilling efforts

According to Turkish media, the Turkish Administration is pressuring US and other members of the Security Council to react negatively towards Cyprus scheduled exploitation of hydrocarbons in the eastern Mediterranean sea.  Drilling is set to start on 1st October by Noble Energy a company of US interests, on the seafloor of an area bordering with Israel. Ankara attempting to push the US administration to advice American companies against taking part in the Greek Cypriot initiative to explore its natural wealth. Their main argument is that exploration should be postponed until the Cyprus problem is resolve and also claim that in case natural gas is found in Cyprus, Nicosia will no longer want the reunification of the island. The irony in this situation is that Turkey is trying to defend its position by suggesting that Cyprus exploration activities are against the International Law while its occupation of Cyprus has been in breach of the International law for 37 years.