Turkish Cypriot woman attempted suicide because the Republic cut off her social insurance benefits

According to Turkish Cypriot newspaper Kibris, a Turkish Cypriot woman has attempted to kill herself outside the offices of the Republic of Cyprus political party AKEL, because the government cut off her social insurance benefits which led into her being evicted from the flat she was renting. The woman, has been living with her Turkish husband in the Government controlled areas of Nicosia in a rented apartment for the past 7 years because they could not pay off their loans in the occupied areas. She has been receiving 670 euro per month assistance from social insurance services which was cut off after it was discovered six months ago that she was not eligible because she was not continuously staying in the free areas but also at an owned property in the occupied areas. The woman was taken to the general hospital where she will be kept for 3 days under observation after consuming pills Рher condition poses no risk.