Supermarkets on the offensive against farmer markets in Cyprus

The associations of Supermarkets, Fruit markets, Retail stores and Small & Medium Enterprises has issued an ultimatum to the Government asking the strict application of the law regarding the operation of public markets or to proceed with their closure. The four professional associations are determined to react with measures to protect their businesses.

According to them, their dissatisfaction arises from the uncontrolled situation created by the operation of the public markets. The philosophy behind the public farmer markets is to give the opportunity to local farmers to promote Cypriot agricultural products and not be overwhelmed by traders and importers of fruit and vegetables. They stress that the markets are uncontrolled, without a set schedule, without the necessary health checks or permits and without income tax or VAT which is violation of various laws and regulations.

Ironically this comes partly from the proponents of the Sunday shopping schedule and at the same time from the organisations who fought against it because it would cause small businesses to close down.