1 million euro drug bust in Limassol

A 39 year old was yesterday arrested in Limassol, in relation to a large quantity of illegal drugs that was found in Germasogia area. The drugs were found at a warehouse which belongs to the employer of the 39 year old who after his arrest admitted that he hid the drugs at the location himself. […]

140 deaths from illegal drugs in Cyprus in the past 10 years

140 deaths have been recorded in the past 10 years caused by the use of illegal substances according to a study by the National Centre for Information on Drugs. According to a statement by the Minister of Justice Ionas Nicolaou, there have been 287 drug related arrests of which 276 were men and 11 women. […]

Doctors being investigated for tax evasion

Hundreds of medical professionals are being thoroughly investigated to identify cases of tax evasion. The Ministry of Finance has requested that all the records of doctors and other medical professionals to be made available to them from the Ministry of Health. The Department of Inland revenue will match the records with individuals who are registered […]

10 years in prison for rapist priest

54 year old priest was sentenced today for 10 years in prison after being found guilty for raping his brother’s 26 year old daughter. According to what was reported in court, the 26 year old in June 2013 moved to the village of the accused in order to look after her sick father (brother of […]

Anti-tank missile fired against unoccupied house in Limassol

A house currently under renovation in the British Sovereign Base area in Limassol, which was to be used as business premises was targeted last night by criminals. Shortly after 21:00 an anti-tank missile was fired at the property which alarmed the neighbors who notified the police. Police force from both the Republic and the British […]

8 year old girl caught driving with her co-driver father

At around 16:30 yesterday during a police patrol in Polis Chrysochous an 8 year old girl was caught driving an old car accompanied by her father. The vehicle was stopped for check when the traffic police noticed the ‘size’ of the driver. To their surprise the police officers realized that the 8 year old was […]