The ‘Lampratzia’ War continues

Easter day is almost here and the battles for the biggest ‘lampratzia’ continue with fights between teenager ‘gangs’ and involvement of the police. Last night at 3am a fight involving about 60 teenagers took place in between Lakatamia & Strovolos areas in Nicosia. The police had to intervene to defuse the situation after a fight broke out between two ‘gangs’ of teenagers which met at the limits of their municipalities. They first started by throwing rocks at each other and ended up in hand to hand fight. The police arrested a 20 year old who admitted that the fight is an annual event because each side tends to steal wood from the other. It took about 2 hours to clear the road and restore it to its original condition from the leftovers of the ‘battle’. Thankfully there were no injuries.

Some traditions are greatly misunderstood..