Heat wave in Cyprus this weekend

As of today the summer is entering a particularly warm period which will last for the next three days. The daily highest temperature is expected to increase above 40c for the first time this year. Humidity levels are also expected to increase in the coastal areas. The heat wave will reach its peak over the […]

Cyprus 2015 in Winter colours

The new year has kick-started winter in Cyprus, with an expected drop in temperature by 2 degrees in the next two days and rain storms in many areas. Snowfall in Troodos continues, where the temperature during the day today is at 2c. The police announced that due to frost, all roads to Troodos are only […]

Bad weather the next three days

After a sunny spring-like weekend the weather services are predicting fall of temperature, rain, storms and even light snowfall in Troodos Mountain for the next three days. According to the weather service, today the weather will be sunny with the possibility of some local rainfall, while the afternoon local showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected. […]