Sex tourism is booming in Northern Cyprus

A survey conducted in the Northern part of Cyprus has shown that the sex tourism in the occupied territories is booming. The results were announced at the EU House in Nicosia by the director of the Research Centre for Immigrant Identity and Rights, G├╝zel Mine, who said that from the survey it was found that sex tourism by wealthy Turkish businessmen in Northern Cyprus is the main reason for sexual exploitation of women in the area. She explained that there are websites designed to provide package services mainly to Turks from Constantinople, with all expenses covered, including flights, and airport transport to the club where they will spend their night, and direct transport back to the airport without having to stay at a hotel on the island. She added that these services cost a lot cheaper in Northern Cyprus than they would cost in Turkey. The ‘tourists’ that come to the occupied areas for sex said that they choose this destination not only for the lower price but because there is no police checks since these ‘events’ are considered ‘almost legal’. The general image in Turkey is that the occupied areas are a place of fun and casinos they can go to for entertainment, to do what they want and leave.