Cyprus reunification negotiations hit a setback

President Nicos Anastasiades cut his visit to Instanbul short after the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci was invided at a dinner hosted by Turkish president Erdogan during the UN’s World Humanitarian Summit. The Republic of Cyprus had previously requested assurances from the UN that under no circumstances the Turkish Cypriot leader would have attended the […]

Cypriots spent €8.8mil in occupied areas & Turkey in 2015

The amount spent in the occupied North and Turkey by Cypriots continues to increase. According to data provided by JCC the total expenditure from the beginning of the year until end of September, was 8.8 million euro. Cypriots spent 281527 euros in airports and flights, 63967 euros in apparel and footwear, 117637 leisure/entertainment services, 258433 […]

Turkey refused entry to two Cypriot MPs

Turkey refused entry to two Cypriot MPs, referring them to the process of issuing visas prior travelling which essentially requires them to accept the Turkish position that there is no Republic of Cyprus. The issue came up this week when a two-person delegation of Parliament, consisting of the MPs Nicos Tornaritis and Stella Misiaouli Demetriou […]