Cypriots spent €8.8mil in occupied areas & Turkey in 2015

The amount spent in the occupied North and Turkey by Cypriots continues to increase. According to data provided by JCC the total expenditure from the beginning of the year until end of September, was 8.8 million euro. Cypriots spent 281527 euros in airports and flights, 63967 euros in apparel and footwear, 117637 leisure/entertainment services, 258433 euro in hotels and accommodation, 142765 euros in other retailers, 21289 euros in fuel and 32637 euros in supermarkets.

In the meantime an increase was recorded in the use of Turkish credit cards in the Republic of Cyprus with the total of 2015 until end of September of 15.7 million euro.

298608 euro in clothing and footwear, 217382 in household appliances and DIY stores, 111226 leisure/entertainment services 38949 euros in health services, 204854 in hotels and accommodation, 47356 at insurance companies, 252390 euro in retailers, 26,858 euros in fuel, 44396 euros in other services, and 387835 euros in supermarkets.