Cypriots spent €8.8mil in occupied areas & Turkey in 2015

The amount spent in the occupied North and Turkey by Cypriots continues to increase. According to data provided by JCC the total expenditure from the beginning of the year until end of September, was 8.8 million euro. Cypriots spent 281527 euros in airports and flights, 63967 euros in apparel and footwear, 117637 leisure/entertainment services, 258433 […]

Cyprus farming in danger from disease outbreak in occupied areas

Cyprus dairy and farming industries are in great danger if the Lumpy Skin Disease which has been confirmed to be spreading in cattle in the occupied North jumps to the government controlled areas. The European Community authorities are taking very strict measures for this disease, which so far had no cases in the EU. Experts […]

Greek language now a compulsory school subject in occupied areas

Greek language is now being taught as a compulsory subject in elementary level schools of the occupied northern part of Cyprus. Moreover the Higher Education Council of the Turkish Cypriot community abolished the morning oath in primary schools. The oath contains strong nationalistic content and provokes pride for the student Turkish origins. According to the […]