4G Mobile network now available from CYTA

Cytamobile announced that their 4G network is now operational and available to all subscribers, with monthly plans and pay as you go (soEasy) who use devices which support the technology. For the time being the 4G network only covers the urban centers of Nicosia and Limassol but will be progressively extended to cover all cities […]

End of anonymity for pay as you go mobile users in Cyprus

A new law has been proposed to the parliament and will be voted within the month which will enforce the collection of identification data from users of non-contract pay as you go mobile services by the operators in Cyprus. Under the new regulation operators are required to collect the name and identification number of subscribers. […]

APOEL TV rights sold to Cytavision for 8.9 million euro

A final agreement was reached yesterday between the Cypriot champion APOEL, and CYTA’s TV platform Cytavision for the team’s home-game broadcasting rights. The deal which cost CYTA 8.9 million euro means that APOEL matches for the new season and until the end of 2019 will be exclusively broadcast by Cytavision. Moreover APOEL will be receiving […]

600 employees to leave CYTA within a year

CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) and EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) are the first two semi-government organisations that will be privatized. In order to make the organisations more efficient and subsequently more favourable for sale a number of their employees are to be laid off voluntarily and compensated. The parliament is called to approve an updated […]

No power cuts tomorrow

According to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus unions, it’s been decided that tomorrow they are not planning to cut electricity supply. Tomorrow the House of Representatives will convene to vote for the bill for the privatizations. According to union representatives the decision for uninterrupted power, is a gesture to allow the state to operate smoothly […]

CYTA going on a 3 day strike

Cyprus Telecomminications Authority (CYTA) employees started last night their 3 day strike following the decision of the five unions involved with the agency. CYTA, currently the largest and market dominant telecom in Cyprus, is one of the three semi-government organisations that are set to be privatized as part of government agreement with Troika. Selling off […]

CYTA’s alternative proposal to privatization revealed

According to Sigmalive the following proposal was presented as an alternative to privatization to the previous board of directors of CYTA. The proposal is a variant of “sale and leaseback” which according to the source is frequently method of financing companies of high capital growth. The proposal comes as an alternative to selling the whole […]