What are Cyprus exports and their destinations?

Exports from Cyprus only make up a small percentage of its GDP, but they are still an important economic factor for its small economy. For 2013, the value of exported good totalled to 716 million euro. The following table shows a breakdown of what was sent out and their destinations for the top 7 importers of Cypriot […]

Crisis or not Cypriots are now buying more cars

Even though the economic situation in Cyprus doesn’t seem to be getting any better (some would argue its getting worse), car sales continue to increase. According to the Cyprus Statistical Service, private saloon-type car sales increased by 30.2% (10120 cars registered) during the first 7 months of 2014 compared to the same period last year. […]

Cyprus applied for EU bailout

The government announced yesterday afternoon that it has officially requested financial assistance from EU rescue funds (EFSF/ESM). The announcement hints that talks for a Russian loan might have failed or are being delayed while the financial assistance is required urgently. According to the official statement the purpose of the assistance is to contain the risks […]