Cypriot Court says Dogs are allowed in National Parks

Back in March 2012 a woman parked her car with her two dogs outside Athalassa’s National Park in Nicosia when she was noticed by the park’s guard on duty. He approached her and asked her not to take her dogs out of the car. The woman, ignored his instructions, unloaded her dogs and escorted them […]

1000 euro bounty for the identity of killer pitbull’s owner

A pitbull dog is allegedly killing cats in Athalassa Park in Nicosia. According to animal lovers in the area, out of the population of around 85 cats living in Athalassa Park only 21 are still alive. The reason for their death is believed to be dog bites by the particular dog. Now they are offering […]

Animal Police – one officer per district appointed

The Cyprus Green Party Secretary, and representatives of Animal Welfare Organisations met on Friday with the Minister of Justice Ionas Nicolaou who briefed on his intent to appoint a police officer per district who will be responsible of coordinating the police efforts regarding animal abuse and killing complaints. He explained though that the main responsibility […]

Stray dogs situation in Cyprus out of control

The situation with stray dogs in Cyprus is out of control according to Cyprus Animal Party which has been on the receiving of complaints from several communities. A recent complaint they received involved a chicken farmer who reported that a pack of stray dogs decimated his livestock. Following this incident, Animal Party noted that this […]

Animal Rights Political Party to be founded in Cyprus

Tomorrow Sunday, the founding meeting will be held for the first political party in Cyprus for animal rights and welfare. The new party will take part with 3 candidates in the European Parliament elections that will be held on the 25th of May while the plan is to make a stronger appearance in the parliamentary […]