1000 euro bounty for the identity of killer pitbull’s owner

A pitbull dog is allegedly killing cats in Athalassa Park in Nicosia. According to animal lovers in the area, out of the population of around 85 cats living in Athalassa Park only 21 are still alive. The reason for their death is believed to be dog bites by the particular dog. Now they are offering […]

Work finally resuming at Nicosia’s Eleftheria Square

According to the contractor company that won the bid for Nicosia’s Eleftheria Square (Freedom Square), construction work is resuming tomorrow. The company’s executives with representatives of the architect visited and inspected the site and are ready to begin work. The company’s representative Mr Sotos Lois was optimistic in his statement saying that the bridge connecting […]

More rainfall on Friday. Should we brace for the worst?

After yesterday’s flooding in Nicosia, and today’s sunny weather, one would think the worse is behind us but it turns out worse weather conditions are expected on Friday. Even though the Fire Department was yesterday on high alert it was not enough to help people whose houses, basements flooded and the ones whose cars got stranded […]

Nicosia after 20 minutes of rain

Maybe its time the drainage issue is taken seriously? View photos from Nicosia’s flood today here (continually updated). The video above shows how a main avenue in Strovolos, Nicosia looked today after 20 minutes of heavy rainfall. Yes that’s right from dry to flood in 20 minutes. Everytime it rains politicians come on TV and say that […]

Preliminary plans for Makariou Ave. pedestrianization are ready

Nicosia Municipality has completed the preliminary plans for the conversion of Makariou avenue in Nicosia into a pedestrian road. The now depressing street that a few years back used to be the centre of shopping and city life has reached the end of its life in its current form according to the Nicosia Municipality. The […]