More rainfall on Friday. Should we brace for the worst?

After yesterday’s flooding in Nicosia, and today’s sunny weather, one would think the worse is behind us but it turns out worse weather conditions are expected on Friday. Even though the Fire Department was yesterday on high alert it was not enough to help people whose houses, basements flooded and the ones whose cars got stranded […]

Nicosia after 20 minutes of rain

Maybe its time the drainage issue is taken seriously? View photos from Nicosia’s flood today here (continually updated). The video above shows how a main avenue in Strovolos, Nicosia looked today after 20 minutes of heavy rainfall. Yes that’s right from dry to flood in 20 minutes. Everytime it rains politicians come on TV and say that […]

Bad weather the next three days

After a sunny spring-like weekend the weather services are predicting fall of temperature, rain, storms and even light snowfall in Troodos Mountain for the next three days. According to the weather service, today the weather will be sunny with the possibility of some local rainfall, while the afternoon local showers and isolated thunderstorms are expected. […]