British doctor caught sending patients for illegal treatment in occupied Famagusta

Gynaecologist Charles Kingsland, clinical director of one of the largest fertility clinics in Britain, specialised in IVF treatment for couples who cannot conceive naturally was caught red handed sending his patients to a clinic in occupied Famagusta where they could get an illegal treatment. The treatment allows the parents to decide the gender of their baby and is illegal in all EU states. In Britain the penalty for this treatment is 11000 GBP (around 17000 euro). The discovery was made by a ‘Mail on Sunday’ reporter who was sent to undergo the treatment even though she had no problem conceiving naturally. IVF is only normally prescribed when a couple has been trying to conceive naturally for a year. The gender selection procedure is not only illegal but also immoral because two embryos are required, the one with the chosen gender is re-implanted and the other one being killed/discarded.

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