Change of plans regarding Asylum Seekers in Cyprus

The Ministry of Labour is proposing a new legislation regarding asylum seekers that will stop their dependency on the allowances and motivate them to become active. The new law will cover the basic needs of the asylum seekers by in-kind provisions and benefits instead of cash allowance. With the new system they will be offered the following:

  • Accommodation/housing within dedicated centres within the community.
  • Food, clothing, hygeine products and other essentials will be given in the form of coupons or in kind.
  • Health care will be provided as a service same way as with Cypriot citizens.
  • Issuing of free travel cards for buses and other public transport.
  • Small allowances to cover personal micro-expenses.
  • The centres will be staffed with qualified non-governmental personnel and from voluntary organisations that will provide specialized services to assist integration in the society.

Note that this for now is only a proposal and that it will be put under vote by the new parliament after the upcoming elections.

In 2009 14.5 million euro were shared amongst the asylum seekers and 16.5 million in 2010, a practice that cannot continue.