Meeting for ‘lambratzia’ and firecracker customs

A meeting was held today at the Limassol Police Headquarters with representatives from the Fire Department and Civil Defence to discuss measures to tackle the problems created during the Easter holidays with the customs of ‘lambratzia’ and illegal use of firecrackers. The chief of Limassol Police Andreas Kousioumis stated that a number of measures has been decided which will remain confidential for obvious reasons but he assured the public that the police takes this matter seriously and will remain vigilant to ensure that we will have bloodless holidays.

What is ‘lambratzia’?

Lambratzia is the symbolic burning of Judas on the night of Easter Saturday. Days before the day, waste wood and other flammable items are being gathered and piled up by teenagers, usually in an empty plot of land nearby Churches and are being put on fire few hours before midnight. In several cases over the years this custom resulted in injures, and damage in neighbouring properties.