Sushi in Cyprus is safe

According to an article on Politis news, anyone who wants to have their sushi food in the shadow of the nuclear and natural disasters of its originating country, should feel safe to do so cause only the recipe and none of the ingredients are Japanese. Apparently most of the ingredients for the sushi served in restaurants in Cyprus are originating from Europe and not from Japan. There is one exception though, the seaweed used for making rolls but according to George Filis who owns two Japanese restaurants in Protaras, the seaweed they are using was supplied many months ago and when they run out of stock they will be importing from other markets, possibly Chinese or American. Regarding the other ingredients, Gil Panayiotou, owner of a Japanese restaurant in Larnaca said that fish is imported from European markets, ginger from South Korea and rice from Italy and Thailand while sauces are imported from Europe.