Public Hospitals – less patients / higher revenue after new law

A report covering the last 5 months of 2013, which was presented to Troika shows that the number of patients visiting public hospitals has decreased and the revenue has increased after the new law has been put in effect in August 2013. According to the new law all eligible patients have to pay 3 euro per general practitioner visit and 6 euro per visit to a specialist. In addition to this fee they also have to pay 50 cent for each subsidised perscription medication or lab test with a maximum charge of 10 euro per perscription. Patients visiting the emmergency services have to pay 10 euro for each visit.

For the period covered by the report the measures have brought a decrease in regular visits of up to 13% in Nicosia and over 20% in Famagusta areas. For visits to Accidents and Emmergencies Department the drop was even higher by 22%-34%, (varies with area). The revenue from the new measures was approximately 12.5 million euro.