Cyprus Digital Strategy Approved by Cabinet

Yesterday the plan for Cyprus’s Digital Strategy has been approved by the Cabinet. The plan covers 3 years starting with 2015 and its part of the wider plan to restructure the economy and create new jobs. 75% of the implementation costs will come from EU funds. The objectives of the plan include:

  • Modernisation of the Public Sector with simplified procedures and paper-less operation.
  • Save costs and offer civilians and businesses a friendlier environment.
  • Help small businesses with Information and Communication Technology.
  • Promote E-Commerce.
  • Complete computerization of Hospitals and Health Centres.
  • Complete computerisation of the Education sector.
  • Development of Fiber optic network to public sector premises with speeds higher than 100MBps.
  • Computerisation of Municipalities.
  • Increase of Broadband subscribers with speeds higher of 30MBps.
  • Training for digitally illiterate people.

How much of this will actually be implemented on time remains to be seen.