Typhoons at RAF Akrotiri

Typhoon air crafts are on their way from their base to the British RAF base at Akrotiri Limassol where the British military has its largest out of its two bases in Cyprus. The measure is not aggressive according to the British military but just an action of proactive defense in case any activity from Syria […]

Old couple beaten up in their home

A 90 year old man and his 82 year old wife opened their door yesterday morning at 8:15 at their house in Nicosia to find a 35 year old man, 1.75m tall well build with black hair, and a blond woman the same age. They hit the couple in various body parts and then tied […]

Unpaid electricity bills

EAC general manager Mr Stelios Stylianou spoke on a local radio station yesterday. He noted that due to the banking system pause the past couple of weeks almost no one payed their electricity bills despite the fact that the registers were open. He urged all the EAC customers to settle their outstanding balances on time because the authority is expecting a fuel shipment […]

Turkish Flag in Eleftherias square

A french man raised a turkish flag outside a Laiki bank (now Bank of Cyprus) branch at “Eleftherias square” in Nicosia today. The locals managed to disable him in their frustration and hand him over to the police. The authorities are investigating the matter where as the offender is claiming that he was protesting against the […]

Salary cuts for ministers

The Ministry council decided today to release the University, Local Authority (municipality) and Government deposits from the haircut! They also decided to decrease the ministers salaries by 20% including the 13th salary. The president Mr Nicos Anastasiades also authorized the government accountant to decrease his salary by 25%.

Christopher Pissarides remarks on the Cyprus bailout

Nobel prize winner and member of the Cyprus Economic Council, Christopher Pissarides writes his remarks about the Cyprus bailout in an article in the Financial Times He explains that Cyprus does not have the same problems as Greece despite their affinity which was recently emphasized to him by the celebrations of the presidential election. Cyprus’s problem is much more manageable and the […]