5.75% cheaper electricity

Following the statements of the Minister of commerce earlier this morning  he announced that from 1st April 2013 electricity rates will decrease by 5.75%. Exiting the meeting he had today with the president and other authorities, Mr George Lakkotripis said that they are planning to reduce the cost by another 3%. He emphasized the difficulties since […]

Central Bank of Cyprus Governor accuses former president

Despite the fact that the previous government appointed him as the governor of the central bank Mr Panicos Demetriades is blames Demetris Christofias government for the current situation in the banking sector and the economy in general. He unveiled that Laiki Bank was not shut down last June because the former president implied that it should be kept on […]

Government employees will be paid on time

Minister of labor Mr Charis Georgiades spoke on a local radio this morning and when asked about the salary payments of government employees and teachers he replied positively… “The payments will be executed as soon as the banks open. ” If all things remain the same, banks will open tomorrow 28/3/2013.    

Cheaper electricity immediately

According to the Minister of commerce industry and tourism (Mr Lakkotripis) a meeting will be held  between the ministry, CERA (Cyprus Electricity Regulation Authority)   and other authorities with main subject, the adaptation of electricity prices to the shocked economy.  The minister claimed that the measures are to be applied immediately in order to aid the […]