8% reduction in the price of electricity

A new price reduction, of around 8%, was announced by the Electricity Authority Cyprus (EAC), recording an overall decrease of 15% in the past two months due to lower fuel costs. However, after announcing a reduction in the price of electricity, the Director of the authority, Stelios Stylianou, pointed out that the prices in the […]

Power cuts throughout Cyprus due to power plant failures

Several areas of the island faced sudden power cut today starting at 11.28am after a fault in one of the generators at Vasiliko power plant which was then followed by another generator shutting down at Dhekelia power plant. Electricity Authority’s Engineers are working to fix the problems and electricity supply has already been restored in many of the […]

600 employees to leave CYTA within a year

CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority) and EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus) are the first two semi-government organisations that will be privatized. In order to make the organisations more efficient and subsequently more favourable for sale a number of their employees are to be laid off voluntarily and compensated. The parliament is called to approve an updated […]

No power cuts tomorrow

According to the Electricity Authority of Cyprus unions, it’s been decided that tomorrow they are not planning to cut electricity supply. Tomorrow the House of Representatives will convene to vote for the bill for the privatizations. According to union representatives the decision for uninterrupted power, is a gesture to allow the state to operate smoothly […]

More power cuts expected today as EAC goes on strike

Power cuts should be expected due to today’s continuing strike measures by Cyprus’ Electricity Authority (EAC) employee unions. The semi-government and only electricity provider in Cyprus, EAC, employees are protesting against the government plans to privatize ther organisation as part of an agreement with Troika. Cyprus media outlets have published a possible schedule for the […]

Unpaid electricity bills

EAC general manager Mr Stelios Stylianou spoke on a local radio station yesterday. He noted that due to the banking system pause the past couple of weeks almost no one payed their electricity bills despite the fact that the registers were open. He urged all the EAC customers to settle their outstanding balances on time because the authority is expecting a fuel shipment […]

Cheaper electricity immediately

According to the Minister of commerce industry and tourism (Mr Lakkotripis) a meeting will be held  between the ministry, CERA (Cyprus Electricity Regulation Authority)   and other authorities with main subject, the adaptation of electricity prices to the shocked economy.  The minister claimed that the measures are to be applied immediately in order to aid the […]