Supermarkets on the offensive against farmer markets in Cyprus

The associations of Supermarkets, Fruit markets, Retail stores and Small & Medium Enterprises has issued an ultimatum to the Government asking the strict application of the law regarding the operation of public markets or to proceed with their closure. The four professional associations are determined to react with measures to protect their businesses. According to […]

Shops in Cyprus to be open on Sundays until end of the year

The cabinet decided to issue a decree that allows retail stores to remain open on Sundays with the same schedule as the past two years. The Minister of Labour, Mrs Zeta Emilianidou, is going to announce a new plan on Friday for supporting small and medium retailers, under which a 60% subsidy will be given for […]

Decree for extra shopping hours extended until end of November 2014

Sunday and Wednesday afternoon shoppers rejoice. The cabinet has approved the extension of the decree which allows shops to remain open on Sundays and Wednesday afternoons essentially making the whole island a tourist zone as far as shopping hours are concerned. In the meantime the government is working on finding a middle ground regarding the […]

5000 employees hired as a result of the extended shopping hours

According to Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Zeta Emilianidou, 5000 new employees were hired in the retail sector since July 2013. Speaking after a meeting of the Employment Committee of the Parliament which discussed the issue of tourist hours, Mrs Emilianidou emphasized that the aim for further recruitment to combat unemployment has been achieved. […]