Shops in Cyprus to be open on Sundays until end of the year

The cabinet decided to issue a decree that allows retail stores to remain open on Sundays with the same schedule as the past two years. The Minister of Labour, Mrs Zeta Emilianidou, is going to announce a new plan on Friday for supporting small and medium retailers, under which a 60% subsidy will be given for […]

5000 employees hired as a result of the extended shopping hours

According to Minister of Labour and Social Insurance Zeta Emilianidou, 5000 new employees were hired in the retail sector since July 2013. Speaking after a meeting of the Employment Committee of the Parliament which discussed the issue of tourist hours, Mrs Emilianidou emphasized that the aim for further recruitment to combat unemployment has been achieved. […]

Cypriots won’t take up hotel jobs

In the middle of the worst unemployment crisis in Cyprus, hotels are struggling to find workers for restaurant services and room cleaning. According to the member of the Association of Tourist Enterprises, Stavros Rossos, foreign labor in this sector which has traditionally worked in hotels has been gradually leaving Cyprus and leaving behind many vacancies. […]

Unemployment Rate is Skyrocketing, reached 9.3%

During the past 12 months Cyprus faced the second largest increase in its unemployment rate compared to the rest of European Union. Statistics made public yesterday by Eurostat indicate that the unemployment rate in Cyprus in December 2011 was 9.3%, up from 6.1%, the rate of December 2010. This was the largest recorded increase after […]

Cyprus faces record high unemployment rate

According the statistical data made public yesterday by Eurostat, unemployment in Cyprus has reached a record breaking rate of 8.2% in October (an increase of 0.3% from September). The change is a result of the continuing deterioration of the economic conditions in Cyprus, the uncertainty about its future and the inability of the government to […]

Cyprus has the largest number of foreign EU workers per capita

According to the Minister of Labour Soteroula Charalambous, Cyprus has the highest number of foreign EU workers in relation to its population, than any other member state. During the period of 2009 and 2010 the number of employed Cypriots increased by just 3.3% while the number of EU workers in Cyprus increased by 46.6%. Currently […]