Cypriots say “No” to buses

It’s been 7 months since the beginning of the new transport system and it still hasn’t attracted enough passengers to make any difference. It is safe to assume that Cypriots have not given up on their cars since the buses appear to be used primarily by foreigners because of the very cheap government subsidised fares and by students who can use them for free. The topic was discussed yesterday at the Parliament’s Communication and Works committee, where its president admitted that the public has yet to be convinced that the public transport system can offer them a better, faster and more economical alternative. Another issue is the fact that no new bus stops were built with information about the new schedules and routes and there is currently no electronic ticketing system. An automated electronic system will be implemented by the end of 2012 and cover the requirements for ticketing and monitoring of the bus fleet providing information commuters with up to the minute information about the bus arrivals and departures at the bus stops. A ‘park and drive’ service will also begin soon, where travellers to and from town centres will be able to park their cars outside the town and use public transport to enter the towns.