Even faster Internet: Cablenet 40Mbit packages

In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition Cablenet announced that will be offering a package with 40Mbit Internet connection, 70 TV channels (including High Definition) and telephony for less than 100 euro per month starting 1st of March. Primetel already started providing 24Mbit connections to its subscribers shortly after Cablenet upgraded their connections to a maximum of 20Mbit last December. Primetel also announced that they will be offering speeds up to 100Mbit but for the time being there are no details as far as pricing or  as to when they will become available. The competition between the two companies has heated up and with CYTA trying to catch up a long way behind at 12Mbit (as of 1st February 2011).

Considering how things were in Cyprus a couple of years ago as far as internet connectivity is concerned, these news sound like a miracle and we have to admit that the change can be accounted to one thing: competition.