Study shows corruption in Cyprus is widespread

According to a survey conducted by the Cyprus University of Technology corruption is widespread in Cyprus in politics, the society, the public and private sector. The study was conducted in the past 3 months, interviewing a total of 1521 men and women from private sector, semi government organisations and the public sector. 70% consider corruption a major issue in Cyprus while 60% are being or have been affected by corruption directly. Almost all interviewees (92%) believe that the police is corrupted. What was more tragic though was that corruption has become so widespread that people are not sure what is defined as corruption any longer with 40% of the sample believing that receiving a degree or driver’s license in exchange for money is not corruption. 61% believe that not enough is being done to fight corruption and in the cases that something was done it was not enough. 75% blame the government, 67% police, and 58% the prosecutors and judges. 50% of the sample appears to believe corruption inevitable and nothing can be effectively done about it.