Eroğlu administration creating obstacles for Turkish Cypriot students

According to Turkish Cypriot press, Turkish Cypriot students who have passed GCE A Level exams will be allowed entry to Turkish Universities with the exception of students who studied in colleges in the Republic of Cyprus or The English School in Nicosia. The grounds for this measure is to reduce the number of students that choose education in the Republic. According to a representative of The English School who spoke to ‘Alithia’ newspaper, these measures come as no surprise to them since the Eroglu regime has been trying for some time now various methods to prevent students from studying in the free areas. In their belief these news will not affect the number of Turkish Cypriot students since most of them continue their studies in England and other European countries. Currently 4 Turkish Cypriot teachers and 150 Turkish Cypriots study at The English School including children of well known Turkish Cypriot politicians.