Mari area: is it safe or not?

There seems to be a confusion regarding the safety of the air, water, and produce of the area around the July 11th blast. Yesterday the Food Safety Council announced that there is absolutely no risk from foodstuff produced in the area surrounding the Mari Naval Base and Vasiliko Power Station and lifted any restrictions that were set after the explosion. The announcement stated that laboratory work was done abroad and the results have shown that there is no risk to the public health. Today, Environmentalist Party MP Giorgos Perdikis complained that there are extremely toxic substances in the area and that the tests that were made were inadequate. Specifically he said that toxic substances such as sulfuric acid, ammonia hydroxide, caustic soda, and sodium hydroxide were known to be present at the power station prior the explosion but the inspection crews were unable to detect them after the incident, saying that it means they are still in the environment.