Shopping is the main reason for Turkish Cypriots visiting the free areas

According to the results of a survey which were published yesterday in the Turkish Cypriot newspaper YeniDÜZEN, Turkish Cypriots visit the free areas of Cyprus mainly for shopping at the big shopping malls and to a lesser extend for excursions. 53% of the population sample said that the reason for crossing the ‘border’ is shopping which they account to the high availability of new items, good quality and sales discounts.  On a monthly basis,  39% of the respondents said that they spend in the free areas between 645 to 850 euro, 44% spend 1300 to 1700 euro and 15.6% more than 1700 euro. 27% of the this is spent on clothing, 37% in cafe’s and restaurants, 29.5% in gifts and 16.4% in luxury items.