President Christofias mainly responsibility for the Mari explosion

Polys Polyviou presented today his report from the investigation on the explosion at the Naval Base at Mari. During the press conference, Mr Polyviou named President Christofias as the person mainly responsible for the tragic event. He said that the way the containers were stored was completely irresponsible and no consideration was taken about their proximity to the power station or the danger posed to the people working in the area. He added that the decisions and policy of the President led to the long-term stay of the explosives on Cypriot soil under unacceptable conditions. Quoting: “Unfortunately, based on the facts as shown by the testimony that came before me, I have no choice but to conclude that the President has serious institutional and personal responsibilities in relation to the matter under inquiry and tragedy followed. my conclusion is that the main responsibility for the tragedy and its attendant lies of the President of the Republic.”