Woman claims someone cast a magic spell on her – ends up abducted and robbed

A strange case is being investigated by the police since last Saturday. A 43 year woman was found abandoned in the rural area between Zakaki and Fasouri areas in Limassol on Saturday. She was in a semi-unconscious state without and recollection of what happened since the previous day. After regaining consciousness at the Limassol General Hospital she claimed that she thought someone cast a spell on her and sought help from a Syrian man. The man as she claims took her to the area where she was found, and after paying him 15000 euro and he gave her a liquid substance which he claimed was a potion that would break the spell. It was later found by the police that the Syrian left Cyprus for his country on the same day. Moreover the victim said that she had no knowledge of where her BMW Convertible car was which she remembered using until Saturday morning – the car was found on Monday in good condition and was taken by the police as evidence. In the meantime the police arrested the woman’s 33 year old boyfriend but the Limassol District Court did not approve the request of Police to issue a detention order and thus was later released.