Illegal settlers invade the houses of enclaved Greek Cypriots

The recent events in the Turkish occupied Karpasia has caused turmoil among the enclaved Greek Cypriots living in the area. According to newspaper Phileleftheros at least five houses were recently taken over by illegal settlers from Turkey after the death of their rightful owners while the occupation authorities did anything about it. This practice had stopped a long time ago but appears to be making a comeback especially after the occupying authorities force the enclaved Greek Cypriots to appoint a property manager who will take their property after their death instead of being given to their legal heirs.

Who are the enclaved Greek Cypriots?

As a consequence of the tragedy brought about by the first and second rounds of the Turkish invasion on 20 July and 15 August 1974, about 200.000 Greek Cypriots, who lived in the areas occupied by the Turkish troops, were compelled by force to leave their homes and properties and move to the free areas. They became refugees in their own land. However, despite the policy of terror implemented by Turkish troops, the hardships, oppressions, intimidations and threats, about 12.300 people refused to leave their homes in the area occupied by the invaders and tried to keep their possessions – their land, their homes and their property. Since then, these people have been known as the enclaved and their plight has been one of the most tragic aspects of the Cyprus problem.