The new Cabinet members

The following are the new members of the cabinet after the Government “reshuffle”:

Minister of Foreign Affairs
Erato Kozakou Marcoullis

Minister of Finance
Kikis Kazamias (served in the past as Minister of Communications)

Minister of the Interior
Neoclis Sylikiontis

Minister of Defense
Demetris Eliades

Minister of Communications and Works
Efthymios Flourentzos (EDEK)

Minister of Education and Culture
George Demosthenes Vice Dean of Frederick University

Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
Praxoula Antoniadou (President of United Democrats)

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment
Sophocles Aletrari

Minister of Labour and Social Insurance
Sotiroula Charalambous

Minister of Justice and Public Order
Loucas Louca

Minister of Health
Stavros Malas (Geneticist)