2015: Most tourist arrivals of the past 10 years

2659000 tourists from abroad enjoyed holidays in Cyprus during 2015. A record number only topped by the arrivals of the years 2000 and 2001. The top 5 countries which also account for over 70% of the tourists in Cyprus are Britain (1041000 tourists), Russia (525000 tourists), Greece (140000 tourists), Germany (112000 tourists), and Israel (99000 tourists). Arrival numbers of all countries except Russia (drop of 17.6%) had a substantial increase. The largest increase came from Israel with 43.6% compared to 2014. Moreover arrivals for 2016 are expected to be even higher according to the president of Association of Cyprus Travel Agents.

Tourist Arrival Breakdown for 2015

CountryArrivals (thousands)Percent change from 2014
From top 5 countries.