Turkey says, ‘One step before opening a new chapter’

Turkey’s diplomatic activity continues in an attempt to open new chapters to help enhance its EU accession path. The head of Turkey’s accession negotiations with the EU Egemen Bağış said that they are on the verge of opening a new chapter while stressing that no concessions regarding their obligations will be made (opening ports to Cyprus).

“Hungary has already taken its first step to support Turkey’s EU membership,” told daily Sabah on Sunday. “It will organize a ministerial summit for the candidate countries Jan. 13 in Hungary. Candidate countries, including Turkey, will come together for the first time since 2005.”

“We have actually removed necessary [obstacles] to be able to open the competition chapter. Turkey’s economic boom is whetting the Europeans’ appetite. But we are not going to risk our economy and industry to open a chapter,” Bağış said. “Our decision would be not to open this chapter if Europeans try to get further concessions from us.”

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