EAC recommends one month holidays for the industry / situation better today

Electricity Authority of Cyprus suggested today, to extend the August holidays to one month, for workers in industries and businesses. Mainly targeting the construction industry and other related sectors. The suggestion was made at a meeting, aiming to find ways to improve of functioning of the industries and to better the management of electricity. It was held at the Ministry of Labour in the presence of representatives of EAC, trade unions, and of employer organisations.

In contrast to our previous article the situation with the electricity supply has improved today. One of the faulty generates in Moni Power Station was brought back online and at the same time the supply from the Turkish Cypriot power station increased today, starting at 100MW in the morning and falling at 70MW later when demand for electricity in the occupied areas increased. EAC representatives hope that if things remain the same there will be only one power cut per area each day until the situation is completely resolved.